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Two days before Christmas.....

Yes, I'm waiting to post the story again. I'm gonna do some editing on it, then decide if I wanna post it. So be patient, all.

I just got out of the shower. I decided to take one just 'cause I felt tired and really blah. Now I feel all happy and warm and comfortable.

Is anybody else listening to what I am? Look at the current music section and you'll find out. Funny stuff. ^_^

I'm gonna work on my story tonight, and then decide about putting it up.

I'm talking in IM with Alex now. ^_^ Tonight rules. Btw, Kit, I'm finally listening to somewhat music...the special. So there. ^_~

Today was fine. I went over to Rick's today, and watched him and his brother play video games. I tried to get them to go on an adventure with me (knowing how my adventures turn out, I don't blame them for refusing) and they decided not to until their mom asked them to go check the mail. Yeah, I know it was Sunday, but they weren't around to check it yesterday, and they were waiting for something.

I'll talk to all of you later. Niters, all....sleep well and have dreams. Laters, all!

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