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Happy holidays, and we'll see you next year!

That's what I've been saying all day at school.

Maria's giving me an IM full of stories, and I helped her with a tricky problem earlier. Just to inform you people who don't know, if you get an e-mail telling you to delete a program with the file name sulfnbk.exe, ignore it. Don't delete the file. If you do, your windows applications won't work. That file is important.

Now, for the lighter side of the news, it's finally here. Vacation...the time where we get to sleep in, listen to holiday music on repeat, and drink eggnog until we hurl. That is, if you happen to actually like eggnog.

I got a bunch of candy canes today. We watched a movie in science, played a game in reading, and went up to the library in English. I took out 3 of the 6 books in my pile home for vacation, one of them being the anime book selected. The second one was about the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, or the AAGPBL. Good book. I finished it at school.

The third was kinda sad, but a very good book. I'll tell more later.

I'm going to get some really good sleep during the vacation. I love having a chance to sleep in.

I'm into chapter 2 of my new story. I'll think about putting the chapters in here, one at a time. I don't have a title yet, though. I have chapter 1 finished, but I might edit it a bit before posting it here. Be careful, mind is a very dangerous thing, even with me. ^_~

If anyone can help me come up with a title, I'll be happy. I'm really bad on titles, so many of my newest stories do not have titles yet.

I've been doing a lot of reading and writing lately, and I'm not really sure why. Kelly and I each have a big bunch of stories all being worked on at once, and sometimes we'll try to do something with them on the phone. Jessie lost the notebook that had a story of hers in it, but it's in her house somewhere, so that's good. At least it didn't get too far away.

I just came up with a really good title for my newest story. How does the title "Anime Outlooks" sound? After all, it's about me and my friends, and our views on anime and life together. So, I guess it fits.

Well, I'm gonna head on out. Niters, all....sleep well, have dreams, and happy vacation. Laters, all! ^_~

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