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Surprises, stories, and snow.....all in one day

Well, a bunch of good things have happened today. It is currently snowing very hard outside. I hope we do have school tomorrow, though, 'cause Carlin said she'd buy everyone a candy cane. ^_^

Our classes got our reply letters from the librarian today, and it seems that she happens to think anime is interesting. She even has a few books on the subject. ^_^ Life is cool, and tomorrow, during English class, we're gonna go up to the library and look at our piles of special selected books.

Tomorrow is the last day before the break. Will it last?

For the people in Maine who get the BDN, look in today's paper. Under freshman, honors, you'll see me. ^_^ Look farther, and you'll see Jeff.

I know, I'm just blabbing on and on. It stems from me running on weird sleeping times, and lots of other stuff.

Thanks to Alex for helping me feel better. He called my journal poetic. I never thought it was that....even though I did post a poem in here way back.

I know, this is early, but I got bored. Maria and I are talking again. I wonder when she'll post again...I think my letter got to her. Of course, she had IMd me last night, but I ended up accidentally taking an unexpected nap. I wasn't feeling well, so I climbed into bed, and I guess I fell asleep.

It's still snowing. I still hope we have school tomorrow.

I've been thinking about my past adventures, and I've realized a few things. I'm a little too adventurous for my own good. I've gotten lost and stuff more than once. I've gone into various areas that I've gone to before, and still had an adventure. My imagination is a little too over-active.

I was daydreaming during class again. I actually find it normal for me, 'cause it helps me think of story ideas. I came up with the list of chapters for another POV story I'm planning on doing. This one is going to be a mostly true account of what I went through from when I heard I was staying back up to now. I'll post the list of chapters here:

Chapter 1: The Beginning
Chapter 2: Lessons Learned
Chapter 3: Adventures in Friendship
Chapter 4: Love and Let Go
Chapter 5: Unity
Chapter 6: The Mission Introduced
Chapter 7: The Mission Accepted
Chapter 8: The Mission Completed
Chapter 9: Looking Back
Chapter 10: Looking for the Rainbow
Epilogue: Thoughts for our Future

The epilogue is what I think is going to happen to our group in years to come. The only chapter I'd really had a title planned for was chapter 5....the "Unity" chapter sounded cool. I'll try to post a new chapter every day I can, so you can keep up to date. That is, if anyone really reads this. So far, I have 65 entries...66 if you count this, 94 comments posted, and 134 received. I'm not doing too bad, huh?

Well, I'm gonna get this posted. I'll try to get a character list for the story in my next entry if I can. Wait, maybe I can get one in here. These are our real names I'm using in here, along with our anime names that we're using. Here goes nothing:

Jillian/Virgo: Also known as Jillian Magenta/Jenna Lei, Sailor Phoenix/Tyna, Sailor Sapphire/Autumn, the Autumn Card, Guardianmon/Cristyna, and Sailor Starlight. I'm the main character in this, and the story is told from my point of view. My thoughts, emotions, and all sorts of other things come out during this.

Kelly/Kristen: Also known as Sailor Unicorn/Crystal, the Summer Card, Crystelemon/Crystal, and a few others I don't know. She's one of my friends, and also one of the first ones I met. Yes, she still counts, and she is in the group. She plays Forest in my other untitled story.

Jessie/Lita: Also known as Sailor Griffin/Lita, the Spring Card, Sailor Diamond/Ceres, and a few others that I don't really know. She plays Taurus in my other story. She's one of the strongest in our group.

Mike: Also known as....well, Mike. He doesn't change his name, except in my story. He's Aries. I don't see why he doesn't change his name.

Steph/Phoenix: Yes, her name is familiar. Also known as Sailor Amethyst/Aura, and a few more that I can't think of right now. I don't think she has a part in my other story.

Carrie/Maya: Also known as Sailor Dragon/Relena, the Winter Card, Sailor Aqua/Maya, and a few others. She is Nara in my other story.

Carlin/Kitty: Also known as Sailor Opal/Sinnie, and a few other unknown ones. She doesn't have a part in my other story.

The additional characters in the bios are not counting Mike's CCS story. In that, I am Amber. I don't remember the other ones.

All right, now it's about an hour later, and now it's late. I'm really gonna get going now. Niters, all...sleep well and have dreams. Laters, all!

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