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Maturity, memories, and my adventures in friendship(2)

All right, getting off the subject of my friendship problems and solutions, I hope to get back to something happy.

Steph told me that she's thinking of getting our little group together and going ice skating at a real indoor rink. I wouldn't even have to rent skates, I could bring my mom's old ones. They're really comfortable, and they fit me really well. Plus, they still work. So, can't wait! ^_^

A little bird *looks innocent*Steph*looks innocent again* told me that Jessie might have her New Year's party again this year. I only hope I can survive this one. I left the last one at 3:26 in the morning 'cause I couldn't sleep. Of course, this time might involve sugar, duct tape, and a few various stories being acted out....^_~

It looks like we might get a white Christmas after all. With all the snow on the ground, there's no doubt about it at this rate! Mom still needs to go shopping, like I do. We still need to get the tree up and decorated...we have an artificial tree, so we need to put all the pieces together like a puzzle...and we first need to clean out the space for it.

Mom's sad 'cause she isn't getting her garden room this year.

Well, I'm gonna head off to....somewhere. Niters, all....sleep well and have dreams. Laters, all!

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