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busy, busy, busy *sigh*

well, as of September 12, I became a 15 year old. high school bites, I got lost the first day, and everything's just really strange.
I've been coming up with so many strange ideas lately, and it seems like someone's calling them out to me. is this supposed to be normal for a 15 year old? or does this mean that I may have been chosen for some big thing? someone please tell me.....or at least reassure me that I'm not going crazy...^_^;

*sigh* I am so bored....watching cheesy movies on tv, and doing stuff. I want to go somewhere....problem is, I have nobody to go with. so I figured I'd give everyone a look into what's going on now. if any of you have read Kit Maxwell's journal today, then you might know that she won't be home. I don't blame her, really. actually, she and I see each other every day at school, so that gets old really fast.
if anybody wants to hear some of my ideas, and if I get enough requests, then I'll try to post some. be warned, though....I have a very extended imagination *crafty grin* j/k....but I can get a little crazy with my ideas sometimes.

other than that, nothing new. added a new buddy to my friends list...hi, Alex! ty for answering my comments. this couold be the beginning of a wonderful and eventful friendship.... ^_^
talk to you all later or's 55 degrees up here....cold, brrrrrrr........


p.s., if anybody asks, Virgo is one of my character names. if you want more info, ask me, 'k? ty....laters
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