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Maturity, memories, and my adventures in friendship....

Well, I just sent an e-mail to Maria, telling her my feelings and asking her about hers. Hopefully, when she gets it, she will understand and reply immediately. I told her in the letter that if she didn't reply before midnight on Dec. 31, then she must not really care enough. Just a warning to her....

I actually sounded really mature in that letter. No yelling, accusing, or screaming. Very calm, and very straightforward. Right to the point. Examples, too.

Looking back through some of my old saved chats and IMs, I noticed something. I've been on a LOT of adventures. I'm a pretty daring girl sometimes, but even I have limits.

I myself have many imagined friends, but yet, few real ones. Is that right for a person of my age? Yeah, I know, I have a very extended imagination, but still, even someone like me should have real friends. I've had a few fights with the few friends I have, but we've managed to make amends very soon after. No real grudges, you know? But now........this........?

I'm only posting when I can, which right now is every other day. I'll try to post more, but I have limited chances. I'm not able to post at school, like some people I know who gloat about *looks innocent*Jeff*looks innocent again*

Well, I'll post again in a little bit. I'll be back!

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