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Tests, homework, and life in general....

Mom leaves at 5 in the morning. She'll be gone until Sunday afternoon. Which leaves me and my brothers together in the house to try and get along. Let's just see how that goes....

I took the test in English today...I really hope I passed. I got my homework for math done in today's study hall....and this was the 13-14 one. Let me explain...

Since Ms. Owen(the English teacher) was taking her class somewhere during 13-14, and Ms. Blakney was doing mathlab, any remaining kids were sent to Mr. Emery's room. Wow, that place was packed. So many people, and not many seats. We did manage to get everyone in, though.

All I have to do for homework now is the science paper and the English extra-credit paper. Then I can go to bed. *yawns* I'm tired, even though I had a nice long nap earlier. I like sleeping.

Carlin once said that I never go looking for trouble, but it always seems to find me no matter what. Boy, was she ever right! I look back on all the adventures I've had, and I got into some kind of trouble along the way. I am so headstrong that I never really look at what I'm doing before I do it. I need to really get my adventurous side in check. ^_^;

Carrie is going to the dance on Friday. I don't have any clue why, though. The last time I heard, you had to be in high school to go to a high school dance. Now it seems like anyone can go. Why doesn't she just wait until next year, and save all the fuss? But no.....she has to go now.

Clay is being an idiot, like always. I heard that he's thinking of signing up for early lunch....which means no more of him bugging me at lunch anymore. Hope he leaves for good....

Mike and I are working on his story together. My character's name for his story is Amber Avalon. I think it sounds kinda cool, huh? ^_~

Nothing from Jessie lately. We really need to do that exchange. I already have a pushpin ready for when I finally get the pic. I wonder where I'm gonna put it, though...I'm running out of room on my walls. Yes, walls. I have a bunch of things already hanging up and I'm running out of empty space for new things. I'd run out of pushpins, to, but then mom and I got some new ones.

Kelly blew off a call from me 'cause she "wanted to talk to her boyfriend later" and also to talk to Jessie. I couldn't talk to Jess 'cause her line was busy all night. 7 to 8 is not enough time, people...why can't you understand this? God, Kelly is my story partner, and now she's blowing me off for her "guy". Whatever.

I need to get to my homework now. I will write again later.

Maria's having problems staying online long enough to be able to post, so just sit tight and her entries will come.....

I hope...

Well, niters, all....sleep well and have dreams. I'll do a character bio if I can, k? Laters, all!

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