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Entry 615 - On Writing

...okay, as promised, back out of "serious business" stuff and back into more fun things. It's been a while since I've done one of these, and inspiration needs to happen so I can write things again. Gonna be a little tough, but let's try doing all the same.

A friend of mine is going through a similar thing, so hey, I figured this can help us both! We can swap prompts, suggest ideas, get a little writing in, and hopefully jumpstart us into other work. If anyone's still reading this and wants to join in, go for it! Just remember to play nice, no flaming or attitude. If you want to concrit, watch the language please. This is just for fun anyway, nothing pro about it.

So for ideas to get this started, let's see...some team interactions, perhaps? Two characters in the kitchen, three people in a car, a group on a picnic? Weather things, food things, clothing things? This is a good way to play with characters old and new, original or fanfic-based, crossovers or single-series. Anything goes!

Now to go dig out some of my profiles and work on those, a certain surly firebird needs to get on the ball here so I can maybe get back to that spitefic...

Let the party begin, and let the writing flow!

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