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Everybody welcome my new friend! ^_^

That's right, all! Say hi to Maria! She still needs to get some things settled in, but she'll get the hang of it soon. We all do. She says she keeps getting kicked off when she tries to post, and if anyone can help, drop me a line or IM her. She'll probably like the help....but I urge you to be careful....^_^;

I still have homework to do, and a test tomorrow over the whole play. Oh, god, I'm not going to make it. My mom got me some cool little things today. I have a new guardian angel pin, with a sapphire in it ^_^. I'll wear it tomorrow....hope I have some luck.

When we went shopping for groceries, she asked me what we should get for her friend that she's going to see this weekend. I suggested candles. We picked out a good sized lavender scented one, and I got some room/pillow spray in the same scent for me. Mom wouldn't let me get candles, even though I was practically drooling over them. Oh, well. *shrugs* There's always the holidays....*insert innocent angel look here*

Well, I'm having an interesting time. Mike has started his own CC story, and each of the people he knows is a child of the original group. I'm Tori's daughter, and Mike needs to think of a different name for me. It sounds really good so far, and I hope he writes more soon. He's gonna put it up on his website, so look for it there when it comes up, k?

Did I forget to mention that the homework I still need to do is math? One of my worst subjects that I'm surprisingly passing? Just checking. I'm getting a C in English, and that's supposed to be my best subject next to reading. Science....I think I'm passing. Civics....I don't know. Reading...of course I'm passing. I'm above average in that class. ^_^

We presented our infomercials today, and I swear, I felt like I was going to die 'cause I was so nervous. It turned out good, though. We should get grades for it soon.

It's after 11, and I still need to get my homework done. My room now has the wonderful smell of lavender in here, and I'm hoping to sleep well tonight. I hate allergy season, and that's one reason why I want it to snow. To get rid of the ragweed and stuff.

Well, I'm going to head off now. Hope you had a good day, and I'll try to put in a character bio in an entry sometime soon. Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and hope you don't get attacked in the middle of the night. *everyone stares* Um....just hoping, you know? It's just being safe and protective, right?

*more staring* All right, all right, you win. Laters, all!

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