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Entry 613 - Year-End Wrap Party (Part 1)

So yeah, it's been a while, but figured this might be a good idea. Yes, you read that right, part one. The second part...well, I've mentioned it, it's long enough to have its own post, so that'll be later. For now, the actual wrapping-things-up post.

2017 was definitely a thing. Lots of changes, some good, some bad. Big crowd of people fleeing LJ for the safer borders of DW, though some people still have their old accounts for whatever reason. I figured hey, why not have both and be able to follow things that transferred? So here I am.

Used to browse for things, that ended up getting closed so the powers that be could focus more on the ebay side of things. Maybe if they make it easier to browse, I'll go there more.

Used to be on AIM a lot, then their powers that be decided to shut that down. Still not happy, but the few people I still talk to have found me in other places, so there's that. Haven't changed my email or anything, so those that do go looking for me, you'll find me in the normal ways.

Still have my job, still doing anything that gets thrown at me, but starting in the new year I'll be happily enjoying another raise. Up to twelve bucks an hour, yay me. :)

Writing continues to go slowly as I deal with flying solo on some current projects, other things being shoved aside or thrown in storage for a while. It's been a rough year, but the major stuff...yeah, see part two. That'll be quite a thing there, that side...

Got the four books on my christmas list, as well as apparently earning my dream stand mixer! What's really incredible is that the family decided I'd been so good that I deserved a bigger model than I was thinking. No problems here, means I can make more. Bread and stuff. Tons of cookies. Bake all the things~~

Weather's been a little cold here lately, won't be warm again for a long time. Yay winter and stuff. At least we have plenty of warm clothing and heat, we'll be able to handle things.

Still feels weird not being able to just hop on AIM and chat with...whoever hasn't dropped me from their lives, however many that is. Life is weird sometimes, I guess. One day, you have friends you get along with, you chat about fun stuff, and everything seems fine, but then all of a sudden, things change so fast that even several months later, you still wonder what exactly happened. But that, as they say, is another show...

...coming up next, in fact. If you're interested and don't mind some serious business, then do read ahead, but if you can't stand it, you may want to skip this one. Certainly don't show up just to start flame-wars, we don't need that here. Play nice or don't bother coming in the sandbox.

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