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Entry 612 - All Sorts of New Starts

Seriously, starting to get old now.

Okay, so now there's talk of "oh btw we're getting rid of AIM so get ready for all that to be gone" and I'm going into a tailspin because hey, I've been on AIM practically forever.

Then I realize that oh wait, I don't even really talk to many people on there anyway because either they pretty much vanished from the internet in some form, or they blocked me for reasons only they know (and I still don't really get it, but that's more for its own entry...), or they' I live with and stuff, so I can just pop downstairs.

So for those who still follow this, I ask you: if you wish to stay in contact after AIM goes offline for good, drop me a line and let me know some of your usual hangouts. If you're on LJ, DW, whichever, let me know your username. Got a tumblr? Let me know, I have one as well. Email more your thing? We can do that.

Jury's still out on if this girl's getting a facebook in the future, though. After dealing with enough crap on other sections of the internet, particularly with political junk? Not quite sure if I want to jump in that pool yet. (Again, though, that's really something for another entry...coming soon, perhaps.)

I admit, I feel a bit bad for the people over on journalfen who are probably still waiting for the site to come back from upgrade limbo. Any of the 'most recent' posts or forum threads for that are like...2015. Yeah.

...I suppose now that I've made teaser lines in here, I should make that spinoff post. Ugh. Stay tuned for that, it might be a while. It's heavy stuff, after all.

So yeah, those who still want to talk, drop me a comment with who you are, where to find you, and maybe note what's the most likely way to get your attention. No point in saying "find me on *blah*" when you aren't really there much, right?

...really starting to get sick of change, particularly forced change. Worst kind there is.

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