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Entry 611 - Is It Spring Yet?

...that is a perfectly good question, everyone. After all, we've had random days of nice weather and then a bit of snow on and off. I'd like for it to be spring now, really.

Yes, it's been a little bit again, but hey, life gets busy sometimes. At least I have some free time coming up, so hopefully I can catch up on all the things that have been waiting.

(Maybe if I'm really lucky, I can get a little writing done. No shortage of ideas, after all...)

What else? Well, I suppose I can try and get my communities all awake again, but then, I'm pretty sure I'm the only active member left. Either the others are just quiet, or they've just dropped off the face of LJ. Oh well, at least I carried everything over, so it can be safely preserved. If they want to, they can come over to the DW versions.

(Besides, if any of them still do RP-type stuff and they're WK fans who do crossovers, someone joined the muse community over on DW and was looking for partners. I still wonder about her, though...)

So yeah. Such is how this update goes, or something.


(...the bunny mood icon has little shades :) I'm totally giggling over here!)
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