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Entry 609 - Welcome to the New Year

Snow on the ground, weather relatively calm. It's winter, it's the first day of the new year (within the first hour of such, even), and I've decided it's beyond time for an update.

Since the last post in April (!! Has it really been that long?), a lot of time has passed, and with it, a lot has happened. I suppose I've just been putting off updating because of various reasons. Oh well, it's time to catch up.

I haven't given up my writing, I promise. It's just rather hard to focus on writing when a lot of work shifts come first and after those, I just find myself wanting to catch up on sleep. I do admit I'm stuck on a few works-in-progress, but I'm trying my best to get back to those once I get inspired.

(One should see my active many ideas. My mind, honestly, is a rather cluttered place sometimes. At least the list helps...) work. Not really much to say about retail.

Still working on my room, little by little. Have moved the historical fiction timeline to new shelves (two now, for space...a lot of journals now, especially since I got some more for christmas! Canadian ones, even~) and I'm still sorting things I may never get to in case I want to fill another donation bag.

(I'm amazed at some of the random things I've picked up. I have a lot of reading to do, just with my discard piles...and I do mean piles!)

I suppose my communities have all been idle. I can start posting random stuff to FDD again, but I'll need material for RPW (and I still don't know what we're doing with the muse community, but I might try coming up with a post for that too...).

If any of my community members still follow this journal, feel free to chime in with something idea-wise. Suggestions for a prompt list, or whatever you can offer.

As for goals for this year, beyond that? Well, mom and I have some places we want to get to when the weather gets nice again. After all, we have extended family over in VT who miss us, and we've had invitations to visit them again. :)

Anything else, well...perhaps I'll get back in the habit of updating this thing again. Who knows? I may just get anxious to dust this off a bit more.

So this is 2016.

Bring it on.

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