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Entry 605 - Winter Storm 2015

Permit me, if you will, a rant.

Pretty sure everyone has heard about our weather by now. High winds, blowing snow, very low visibility. Tons of places closed for today, most of them on the list by yesterday evening.

State of emergency declared. Non-essential drivers off the road, please.

Yet not all places closed. The facebook page for our local mall is getting angry comments by the dozen due to the mall being open...even if half the stores said "hey, we're not risking it, we're closing today" when they saw the weather.

Temperature is low, mostly due to wind chill. Snow blowing and drifting. Have yet to see a plow come through, but perhaps even the plows will be giving up.

To anyone who has to be out on these roads, I wish you safe travels. Please get to where you're going and check in with someone waiting for you.

To everyone else...I'll have a much more cheerful post after the storm.

For now, we wait. I'll see about giving updates as long as possible.

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