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Well, in today's news.....

My day wasn't all that bad. I talked to Mike on the phone until about 9:50, then he had to go. We might get together on Friday if we can, and then we'll have fun. ^_^

I just invited my buddy Maria to LJ, so be on the lookout for MariaStars! Tell her I sent you. ^_~ I helped her get everything in order, and now I'm waiting to see the finished product. I can't wait to see her journal, and to see what her mood icon is. She just got booted though, so now I have to wait for her to come back online.

Carrie, Steph, Jessie, and Kelly are all doing well. Jessie allowed me to wear her butterfly shirt if I wanted, as long as I took care of it. I'll switch it with her for that picture soon.

Still waiting for Maria to come back online.

I want it to snow. It's December, for crying out loud, but there's no snow on the ground yet. Oh, sure, there's a few last little bits of snow on the ground from the most recent snowfall, but that's it.

I just noticed something that's changed since Mike and I got our accounts. You have to either invite somebody or get a paid account. Is that logical? What if you don't have any friends that have LJ accounts? What if you don't want a paid account? Lots of unanswered questions there, right? Thought so.

I'm bored. I still have homework to do, but I'm going to wait. I don't want to do it yet. I have a big test tomorrow in English, so I have to get this thing done.

We present our infomercials tomorrow, so I hope our group does good. I borrowed a couple of my mom's old spice bottles as props, and I wrapped them in bubble wrap to keep them from breaking. They are glass, you know. *shrugs*

Still waiting for Maria to come back. She might not until tomorrow, though. I don't know.

I got some snazzy new clothes last night. I wore my new overalls today, and I'll wear my new pants tomorrow. I feel very happy now. Maybe if the weather is nice, I can wear my Tweety this week. ^_^

I love my cat. ^_^

I'm just talking about random stuff now. I do that when I get bored and run out of ideas.

Maria probably isn't coming back on tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

I'm gonna head on out now. Niters, all...sleep well and have dreams. I'll try to get a new character bio if I can, k? Laters, all!

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