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Entry 603 - Winter Frost, Spring Rain

Rain today. Possibly to change over to freezing rain during the overnight, but still rain. Does this mean we might finally get spring?

I mean seriously, getting sick of winter by now. I want flowers and nice weather.

Yeah, it's been a while since the last update, I know. I've had too much else going on to even consider writing a journal entry. Exercise? Not really happening yet, beyond walking around the grocery store and all the walking I do at work. Truck unloads and freight stocking count.

Writing? Well, I started a random spitefic a few days ago, because I wanted to. I know, this adds more to my list, I have other projects I should be working on, I know. I figure if I get this out of my head, though, I'll be able to focus on the other stuff again.

Besides, I'm kinda stalled on everything else anyway. This at least keeps me busy.

So yeah, not much else going on since the last entry.

Well, okay, I've been having really weird dreams. Those who know me well are aware that I don't drive. At all. No license, never learned, none of it. If anything, I get nervous just riding in the car sometimes.

At this point, I've had no less than three dreams that have involved me driving. Casual driving, on roads I recognize, in various types of passenger vehicles. One was even an SUV!

(I knew it was because I had to climb into it via handle, as I do with my brother's truck. What can I say? I'm short.)

In talking with mom, she thinks it's a sign I might be building up my courage enough to someday go through with getting a license. It wouldn't be a bad idea, but it still would involve money we don't exactly have set aside for getting me a license and a car. That, and I'm still not completely relaxed and ready. Maybe someday in the future.

I don't mind still getting rides when I have to, and I'm willing to walk more when the weather's nice enough. Besides, walking is exercise, right? Gods know I need more.

Poked back through the giant nameless fic again, for something to do. Realizing that sparkles really did make me the load of the group. I got one try at attacking that ended up being a distraction move, had one scene that involved me trying to battle an enemy and being completely useless (and the others showed up anyway, and anyone who wasn't sparkles did the same zero damage, so why even bother, sparkles?), and the rest of the story I was either just kinda there (being carted around like a doll or something, injured or whatever) or I was completely missing ("so let's see, we have three of the guys, and Lynn, and Raine, so we should totally have enough people to go after these four villains" and no I'm not joking, and for context, this was with sparkles missing due to dramatic kidnap and one of the hero-boys off to rescue her...who's not counted? Kento and yours truly. Yup. Siiiiigh.).

I should get back to the 'rewrite' someday, too, but I've been so stalled on that thing that I can't even think about it. Part of me still wants to do a rewrite of the giant nameless thing, for something to do, but eh, I have plenty else to work on.

What's on my active list? Well, besides the 'rewrite' and the spitefic I started, I also have that fic I was posting to FDD, the rainbow spitefic, the fifty beatdowns list, and a couple of other things I was still in planning stages for. Technically, there are more, but these are the ones right at the top of the list right now.

I guess I have to be in a certain sort of mood to work on writing. Inspiration comes and goes, and I wish it would stay a little longer. Maybe in a little bit, I'll try again.

For now, though, that's the update. Anyone have questions about anything I mentioned in here? Drop a comment and ask.

Back to my wordpad files.

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