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Entry 601 - New Year it is, I suppose. :)

Guess a look back at 2013 is in order, first. What a year it was.

Several trips to VT and back, over the course of the year, to clean out my grandfather's old house and get it sold. Last I knew, the owners were flipping it to sell, and I hope whoever gets it next will enjoy it as much as he did.

So many treasures were unearthed in the process, many belonging to his second wife. Her family is overjoyed to have things of hers.

We made friends, and hopefully will be over to see them again!

Christmas went as it usually does here, complete with the typical breakfast (but hey, what's so bad about waffles and bacon? nothing at all~) and gift exchanges in the glass room. I'm glad people liked what I got them, and when the girls and I meet up? Hopefully the same. :)

I've all but given up on the whole "resolutions" idea, since I try to make some and never end up following through. However, I will say this:

I will try new things and hopefully learn some new skills.
I will also try and be more active.
Each day, I will try my best to do the most I can do.

...I also have writing to work on, so I will try and work on all of that.

What's on tap for 2014? Well, I guess we'll see how it goes. Wish me luck!
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