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Entry 599

...that's all the title I have.

So yes, it's been a while since the last entry. Well, things got slow again. Can't really post if I don't have material, right?

Let's see...what's been going on since the last post? Well, mom and I have been working on cleaning, and I guess we have one last trip to sort before we can roll a truck. Lots of furniture and other things have been claimed by family and friends, and everything left is in two rooms on the ground floor.

(Well, okay, and some stuff in the basement, but most of that down there is trash.)

What else...oh, yours truly has finally moved up a bit in the world of media. That's right, I'm getting better gamer skills and I now have a shiny 3DS. It's purple. The 'rewrite' gang rejoices and such. :)

...and they bought me a copy of the newest Animal Crossing. Quite addictive, that game. It's like if Harvest Moon ran in real-time, but sadly, no sign of farming yet.

(Hopefully the residents of the town of Stardust aren't too disappointed in me yet. It's only my first couple days, I'm still new at this whole me-in-charge bit. At least I have my adorable yellow puppy secretary to help, and she's very good at her job~)

For anyone who actually is paying attention to FDD and the fic I'm posting, I haven't forgotten about it. I've been a little sidetracked by other things lately, and so progress on it has been halted for now. I have another story I'm working on as well, which I may start posting chapters of soon. (At least this new one has a title, anyway...)

As for my summer? Well, as usual, when I haven't been working, I've been inside, but at least I've had these trips out of state to look forward to. Next weekend is the folk festival, definitely hoping to get to that.

Meanwhile, in the wide world of retail, it's back-to-school time, and so our store is invaded (and trashed) by anxious shoppers rushing to finish their lists in time. Seriously, it's like people can't just take one box off a shelf and put it back neatly, they take ten boxes and leave them on the floor. Not always in a stack, either. It's enough to make some of us want to cry, because we can spend time tidying up and then have our work just destroyed all over again in a few minutes.

Still we press on, though, with the best fake smiles we can manage, and then have a rant when we're somewhere safe. Such is retail and all that.

So here's the update for people who still read this thing. Seems like a lot of my old LJ buddies have left for other sites. Think LJ will someday be abandoned entirely? It'd be an odd thing to happen.

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