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I should be getting ready for bed, since I work early in the morning, but right now I feel like I have to write. So I decided my journal would be a good place.

I'm sure a lot of you out there, both friendslist regulars and others, have at least heard about the marathon bombings (and yes, bombings...several bombs, luckily only two went off).

Granted, you might be thinking "but you don't live there, so you must be counting your blessings, right?" Yes, that's true. My family and friends are safe and sound. I do hope others are finding their loved ones and being reunited after this chaos. To those who have lost people, my heart goes out to them. To those facing the long road of recovery, I wish them very well.

From where I live, it's roughly three or four hours to drive to the Boston-Logan area. I've made the trip with my brothers a few times, and at least once I got the brief tour of the landmarks. It really is quite an incredible city.

People online have been talking, as they do, and it's been brought up that this week in history is full of rather horrifying things. I had almost forgotten how many events were in this one week.

I'm not claiming any theories here. I simply think it's a shame that we add one more event to a long list that continues to grow. Some of the news reporters brought up 9/11.

My mind went back even further, to the Oklahoma City bombings. If anyone needs an example of 'domestic' terrorism, that's one right there. This event certainly seems similar.

Seven bombs confirmed. Two detonated, the others were found and disposed of before they could do anything. The reports continue.

I have a feeling this is yet another thing we'll all be talking about for many days afterward.

Also, to those who are wondering what "Patriot's Day" is, it's really a regional thing. Mass has it as a state holiday, and my own state basically inherited it from them. After all, long ago we were part of them. There's actually a wiki page about it, for those who want to know.

(There's also a wiki page started for the bombing. I'm not surprised.)

I certainly admire those who jumped into action at the scene, and the medical workers doing their jobs well into the overnight. Keep up the caffeine, gang.

(Also, a random note: while it's nice to see people giving shout-outs to the Newtown incident and those who were both attending the race and participating in it? It would be rather nice if you could remember to spell the name right. It's 'Newtown' (as in CT) and not 'Newton' (as in one of the race points in MA). Thank you.)

So while I sit here and watch news reports update, watch comment counts rise for LJ entries that are discussing the news, and try to clear my head, I type this. My own list is quiet.

My thoughts are with those affected. It will be a long road ahead, much longer than the race.

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