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Entry 594 - Happy Easter

That's right, it's easter time again. Break out the rabbits and eggs, time to celebrate spring's rebirth and everything. :)

My store is closed today, for the holiday. One of only three days we close for. I'll be working tomorrow, though.

We actually have sunshine and decent weather today, which helps even more.

Turkey dinner planned for tonight, since it's not only easter but also my brother's birthday, and he likes mom's turkey dinners. Hey, there's no rule against having turkey on easter, right?

(At least, I hope not. I'm not a big ham fan...)

I know, I promised to update with news of my so-called eating habit adjustment, but today I just don't care. I'd rather celebrate the holiday and enjoy myself. :)

In fact, to get in better moods, I'm opening this entry for comments and discussion. Favorite holiday, if any? Favorite holiday foods? Go for it. Let's get festive in here!

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