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Entry 592

...yes, it's been a while. What can I say? This time of year gets busy in the world of ye olde retail.

Yes, I also know election day is upon us. Yes, I've already voted, and no, I don't wish to discuss it. Those who want to talk politics, I don't feel like getting involved.

The holiday music has begun at work--mixed in with the regular stuff, thankfully, but still. It's like the North Pole exploded all over the store, everything is decorated. Makes me wonder if the mall's gone into full-holiday mode yet. Any locals been in to check?

Been trying to work on my various ideas for stories lately, between work shifts and recovering from such. Still taking ficlet requests if people have them, and if anyone wants me to open up a post for just that, let me know. I also have a community that can be used for things like this, if others want to jump on the ficlet bandwagon. For original works, I still have RPW open for new posts. Come play with us~

So now for the real reason I posted this. I'm sure people around the country have been paying attention to the storm that blew through earlier this week, and the after-effects in the news and everything. I know that while things were going on, I was lucky enough to be able to chat online with a friend of mine in the NJ area (hi, Momo~), and have been watching twitter for another NJ-area online buddy. The rest of the gang was online as usual, outside of the storm section.

Up here? A little wind and a lot of rain, but we got through it well enough. We're lucky enough to be up (and inland) enough to escape a lot of stuff. I'm still sending good vibes towards the ones having to do major cleanup, and hoping that their lives are able to resume soon enough. Can't imagine cleaning up huge cities like NYC will be easy...imagine all the water that has to be pumped out of the subways!

To send some more good vibes along, I turn to you out there, LJ buddies. Let's get some love going, shall we? I'm thinking of some recipe sharing. Comfort food, favorite food, anything you can think of. Let's get some warm fuzzies in here. Besides, maybe it'll inspire some of us to go out and play in the kitchen to really share the love...wouldn't that be nice?

So consider this a challenge, if you choose to accept it. Food is always a fun topic! :)


(Also, since it's November, I send extra luck to anyone participating in NaNo this month. Good luck on those wordcounts, and hopefully you manage to get through thirty days of writing chaos!)
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