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so many things learned........ and realized

I have been reading through some of the random entries from other people lately, and I have noticed a few funny things. some people put song lyrics in their journals, or they put in some of their favorite things to talk about, like shows on tv or something. that's all great, and I think it's good for them to release their pent-up feelings (hence all the rants and raves).
if anyone would like to know, another of my friends has an account with livejournal. go check out the files of kitty_maxwell. my best buddy and neighbor Carlin. sadly, she's in England right now for a choir thing, but she'll be back. Carlin and her friend Stephenie are together on this trip and we'll be lucky if they come back both alive, cause right now they're in the middle of a major fight. *sigh* oh boy...............
Carrie told me there was supposed to be a Gundam Wing special on tonight, BUT.... since I don't have satellite, I couldn't see it. Carrie was the only group member that could. meanie....
I know, it's after one in the morning and I should be in bed, BUT.... I'm not tired yet. so there. I'm not ready yet!!!!
I got a haircut, so now my hair's short. my mom was thinking about letting me put purple in my long hair, and I told her that if I did that I'd probably look like Yolei from Digimon. that would be kinda cool, but I don't think I'd look good like that. I act like her sometimes, and our group says that Mike is like Davis, and I yell at him all the time. I guess it fits. *shrugs*
I really should go to bed soon. but here's a look at what's to come......
first of all, I will put in the profile of one of my story characters, and be on the lookout for on of my stories on Mike's website. go to his journal (mig322) and you can get the link from there. also, you can see some of my friends' stories there as well, so have fun reading. they are all probably anime-themed stories though, so beware!!! especially Carrie's stories, which will most likely be something very nasty..... *shudders*
I'm about to fall asleep at my computer. sorry I hadn't written for a few days, but something was up with livejournal and I couldn't do anything. oh well. laters all
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