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Entry 591

...creative title coming soon.

So at the urging of friends and family, here I am updating again. I know, I say I'm going to post more often and then I slack off again, what can I say? I do try and do things off the internet sometimes.

This entry is mainly to focus on one specific thing, however.

This morning, mom came up to let me know she'd taken a phone message for me from work--way back, I thought I was giving up my line and thus gave the house number as my contact at work, haven't changed it back yet. Apparently this message was about some "awesome news" and I had two possible people I could talk to about it depending on when I called back.

I was tired when she told me, decided to wait and call later after I'd slept a bit longer.

So I eventually rolled out of bed, got myself awake enough, and called to see what this "awesome news" was all about. Chatted with one of my favorite manager-types, and was incredibly surprised to find out just what the "awesome news" was.

...yours truly has made the list of Superstars at work, representing this month. Really.

For those who don't understand, it's basically part popularity contest and part "reward the ones who did awesome at a grander level". Voting slips are in the break room, people fill them out and put them in the box provided, and two people are drawn for each month. I didn't even expect people to vote for me!

It's definitely quite a surprise when anyone from the truck crew gets on the board, as it means someone really noticed us working hard. We're quite a 'behind the scenes' group.

I seriously came out to the glass room and squealed the news to mom because I was so excited. :) She called my aunt, and I had to try and settle myself down enough to actually explain things.

(It's also the first day of my paid vacation week--what a good time for good news, right?)

Being a 'Superstar' is a pretty good thing, and of course there's some rewards--granted, I won't get much use of the front parking space, but it means mom will have an easier time finding a spot to pick me up, and I have a lot of bags as it is, but a lovely official store bag sounds rather nice.

...the extra money on my paycheck definitely helps, and I think we still get the little superstar pins for our nametag lanyards. So shiny~

In other news, outside of work, have been going through stacks of my books I've set aside for possible donation, as I figure I shouldn't keep things I don't think I'll ever read again. Why not share the discards with the world? I love the donation bin.

Haven't been outside much, due to either too much heat or random rain storms. Oh well.

Been collecting some of the little blind bag ponies here and there, have a little bunch of them currently. Heard there's a second wave out now, will see about trying to get some of those.

...secret surprise sparkly rare Twilight reminds me of an old Gen1 pony I have. It's the purple and sparkles, I swear.

OSW is slow, probably due to the time of year. Too warm, wears everyone out.

Still willing to take on ficlet requests if people want, and if not, that's okay. :)

...mind seems to like crossover ideas lately, it seems.

Also, sending out good vibes and better luck to those going through rough times on my friendslist--they deserve something good, let's collect some of those good vibes and send them along.

Further updates to come...eventually, I guess. Whenever I post next!

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