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Entry 590 - Spring Flowers, City of Two Rivers

...what? I'm feeling kinda poetic. :)

So yeah, last update here was way back in the middle of winter, suppose it's about time for something new. Still taking ficlet requests if people are curious, since the previous entry had some good ones and things got very quiet. Don't be shy, people! has me down to one shift a week, but I understand that when the sales are kinda low, the money's not really there. It's not too bad, though, since it means I have some more free days just in case stuff comes up.

Today was pretty good, though. Stayed an extra two hours to get some more stuff done (wasn't the only one--a good deal of us regulars stayed later) and boy, did we get stuff done. Not only did I manage to process about five or six racks of shoes, but also managed to push at least two an a half while juggling customers and such. I can multi-task pretty well down there, and everyone knows it. :)

It gets better, though. At one point, I took a phone call. A nice lady looking for a pair of sandals for her...granddaughter, I think she said, and I did quite a bit of running back and forth to check on things. Not only did I manage to locate a few pairs of the style she was looking for, but I set aside a pair of each style for her to look at since she said she would be in later that day. She was very happy, and I was happy to be of help.

Fast forward. I'm helping another customer in browsing, and the lady from the phone call shows up just as she said she would. I wrap up things with the browsing one and go to fetch the boxes I set aside, she browses them as I'm running to check on something in the back for someone else. Like I said, multi-tasking.

This lady is incredibly nice, she picks out the pair she wants and I go to put the other boxes away, we go over prices and such, and out of habit, I ask if she wants to open a store card. She's interested! I go fetch a pen and she fills out the application I've been carrying (for months, I do try...) and I tell her they'll process it up at the registers when she goes to check out, my name and number are on there.'s where it really gets awesome. Near the end of my shift, I'm clearing things up and filling in the official shoe guy of the day on my progress. One of my favorite manager-types shows up with a little "you did awesome" type slip for me. Turns out that not only did that lady I helped open her card and get accepted, but she also gave me a customer service shout-out. Seriously!

Not only did I get so excited I squeaked, but I also hugged said awesome manager and bounced up and down a bit. My mood went so far up that I couldn't stand it. I'm so tempted to frame that little slip or something.

(We also have a cute little associate game going on...ants at a picnic for this one, I got to add my little ant to the blanket. So happy~)

In other news, have been going through tons of stuff lately. Mom and I went to my grandfather's place this weekend and gathered up things to sort and trash and such--this was a trip planned after the three of us went over a few weeks before, to get computer stuff set up and all that. Lots of stuff in that house, and a lot of it is so old that we're still wondering why it wasn't tossed before now. Oh well.

It's inspired me to sort through quite a bit of my own stuff, though--mostly books. Hey, I have a lot of them, I definitely need to go through them more often. The current stash of discards includes a stack of thick hardcovers to go through (that'll be next) and a full cloth shopping bag of paperbacks to drop off at the donation bin. I do mean "full bag" when I say it. One last paperback to plow through to complete that stack, but this one may have a home set up for it so I don't think it's going in the bag.

Also, I'm not the only one doing cleaning things! Raine messaged me last week to ask if I wanted to help her out in her own room--how could I turn that down? It's always fun when the trio gets to meet up, and we work very well together on projects like this. Two days have been set aside for this event, in case we need them. (Of course, if we finish early? More time to goof off. We've missed that.)

(...also we girls get to inherit goodies when we help clean, so everyone wins.)

It almost feels like summer out, since we've started getting the really warm days. It's nice to have the windows wide open, but then we get the rain and have to close them, which makes the house feel like an oven. Don't even get me started on the store, it's practically tropical there.

The entry title is relevant, and also poetic as I said. Spring has definitely sprung, and every lilac bush in the city is in bloom. The west side has a lot of them, big trees of blooms. Why the 'two rivers' part? Well, we do have a joining of two rivers--okay, a river and a stream, but they consider it to be "two rivers" anyway. During the folk festival, there's even a stage set up near where they join, aptly called the "Two Rivers" stage.

(...and anyone who's read the ficlets I've posted, they'll understand why I decided to come up with a creative title. The magical girls have taken over, what can I say?)

Okay, this is getting long, suppose it's time to post this and work towards cooling off and winding down for bed. Got to be up early for trio cleaning shenanigans, after all! :)

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