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Entry 589 - Dreaming and Ideas

...yeah, I know, I managed to let this lag again. What can I say? I had to work during the holiday season, and retail is a busy system at that point. Things are mellowing out again, though, so now I feel like I can actually get something new posted here.

For starters, the holidays went pretty well. People loved what I got them, I enjoyed what I got, and the holiday itself passed very casually. I now have lovely new bedding to work with, and when spring arrives, I'm determined to do some very in-depth spring cleaning in my room. Only reason I'm waiting is so I'll be able to have my windows open--fresh air always helps.

The tribemates and I did have to delay our own gift exchange, but when we did get to it, we had a good time as usual. Gaming, gifts, and food? We have some of the best parties. :)

Have tried to work on my own writing, but so far I keep managing to distract myself with other things. Oh well, I suppose work is part of it, but during overnights I wind up bored and distracted from that sometimes, so maybe it's just my mind being weird.

So, if anyone reading this is interested in helping me out, or you're just bored and want to read some random fic ideas? Feel free to use this as a prompt entry and drop off some ideas. I have some active characters in mind--well, okay, they're mostly fanfic characters, but that's something--and I'm more than willing to take suggestions. Maybe it can get some activity in here again.

(Alternately: I can try and come up with some ideas and just post them as comments to future entries or something, so reading them would be optional either way.)

I admit I'm not feeling like a very interesting person when it comes to journal updates, but having this does make me feel like I have something to do, anyway. Anything to cheer me up. :)

Tonight, my dreaming will be a bit delayed, due to another overnight shift. Two in a row this weekend. At least it earns me extra money, but when they're long ones, and this close together? Sometimes I get tired just thinking about them. At least once this one's over, I get some time to relax and recover. I like sleep.

...oh right, should probably post this and start getting ready to head into work. Until next time, hopefully.


(I mean it when I say I'll take suggestions for ficlets, guys. Really, don't be shy!)
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