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Entry 587

...been a while, hasn't it? Well, what can I say? I do get busy...sometimes.

For now, I do have some downtime, so I figured I should update this with stuff. It's been a few months, so there's definitely topics to work with now.

For starters, Raine's kid brother has a birthday today, though I think she's run off to facebook and may or may not see this. I did wish the kid a happy birthday last night, though, so.

Speaking of birthdays, yours truly had her own earlier this week. I'm now 25, hard to believe. It almost passed with no big events (I did have to work that day, but came home to food and had an outing with mom the day before), but it turns out that the event-type stuff came later.

Tuesday, Lynn came over to spend the day, and we had a pretty good time (had pasta and sauce for dinner, and we girls had some ice cream). I only got one card in the mail, but it was a nice one as always (and since I now know my aunt in Ellsworth follows this journal closely, I send my thanks, especially since there's a flower pattern on it~).

Doing anything with the girls, now that we're adults, requires careful planning and a lot of schedule comparisons, but this week we got lucky enough to meet up last night for gaming and food. Well, okay, gaming, food, and some story ideas, but yeah.

...and we discussed shows and various things as well. It was a rather full night, I'd say.

So anyway, how about those ponies, huh? Yes, I've watched the first season, I don't have any icons yet, and I can't pick an overall favorite, but yes, ponies. I'm surprised my friends list hasn't exploded into ponies yet, but I suppose it's either "not a lot of pony fans" or "all the active pony fans aren't on my list" (or perhaps, "the pony lovers ran away from LJ to be on facebook" since it's very possible) and I just have to get the ball rolling myself. Oh well.

(...if anyone wants to take this as a signal to make pony icons, I won't stop you. :) I say have fun.)

The weather's actually getting nice enough to not require my AC on in my room all the time (it's not completely off for the season, though, as I'll turn it on whenever it gets too warm in here), though the store is still over-warm. May not need long sleeves again this winter, if it keeps up!

As for everything else, well, I think I've covered the bulk of it. Working tonight's overnight, inventory is a week away, and stress levels at the store are high. Once we get past inventory, though, things should settle back down into something resembling mellow...or at least until we hit the big sale times.

So now I post this and go do stuff. Hopefully this helps catch people up.

...and yes, you can post pony stuff in the comments if you want to. Pony stuff or any sort of nerdy stuff, just keep it relatively mild. I'm all for nerding in my entries, so have yourselves a ball. I'll make sure I check in on it and perhaps I'll be able to join in myself! :)

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