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Entry 586 - Morning Muffins

Yes, I said muffins. Lovely corn muffins with blueberries in them. Sturdy, but still nice and tender.

...what am I doing up at this hour, wide awake, and updating? Well, that's easy to answer.

It's a lovely sunday morning, bright and sunny, and I'm caught up on sleep. I decided to spend an hour or two on the treadmill (two miles done--means eight laps, that's how ours works anyway), had a big glass of ice water (am on my second now), and made muffins for breakfast. I'm in a pretty good mood!

(And somewhere out there, regular readers are going "okay, so where's the real Virgo?")

OSW is slow. Maybe it's the time of year, maybe everyone's busy and can't do much, but either way, it's slow. Oh well, hopefully things will pick up again eventually.

As for my own writing, well, I do have some projects I'm working on. I haven't forgotten about the 'rewrite' at all, it's just sitting for a while so I can plot for it. More will come for sure, I promise.

The other ideas I'm still doing the plotting and startup work for, but those will come eventually. A couple of my friends here on LJ already know them (looking at you, Lan), and they're already fans, so maybe that will encourage me to keep working.

I work tomorrow morning and an overnight on Wednesday. I can do that no problem.

Also, for OSW people, it's Suzume's birthday! Send good wishes to the wind sparrow today~

Summer's almost here, so we should get good things going now. Let's positive thinking!

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