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Entry 584 - Weather Update yeah, this is just a quick post, mostly because I shut my own computer down and I'm borrowing mom's for this. If anyone's looking for me online tonight, I decided to take precautionary measures and simply shut my room down just in case.

In fact, it's been shut down since early this afternoon, since we had a minor storm come through. Nothing bad, but I wanted to take any caution I could.

Right now, it's oddly calm outside. We're getting a bit of lightning, but nothing else. The northeast is under a tornado watch, however--perhaps the first in history? Mass is feeling the pain right now, and I can only wonder what awaits us up here. Hopefully it's nothing too awful.

OSW crew, if any of you are getting lousy stuff, I wish you well for the night. I'll make sure to be back on tomorrow.

Again, this is basically just to let people know I won't be online tonight, since I came downstairs just in case.

Now, to go watch more weather channel.

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