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Entry 583 - Holiday Season this thing still on? Oh dear, it has been quite a while. Last entry was in mid-July and it's definitely not summer anymore.

I'm not even really sure what to update with, but I suppose since we're into the holiday season, there should be something.

Well, summer came and went, it really wasn't all that exciting. My birthday came and went, I don't remember what I did for it. It's definitely been a long year.

For the last month or so, I've been doing a series of overnight shifts at work, to make things easier while going into the heavy start of the holiday shopping season. It was nice, there was a small group of us working and we could pretty much dress in our casual clothes. I got to wear my nice comfy sneakers, which made the shifts so much better on me--my usual work shoes get rather uncomfortable after too long, with the cement and tile and all.

Black Friday was actually not too bad this year--I was one of five people scheduled for shoes at some point during the day, and things went rather fast. We opened at three instead of four, and when I came in for my shift at five, the lines weren't all that long. It was nice and rather organized.

Now that the major day is over and we're into the next month, things are slowing down when it comes to my shifts. I get to catch up on my sleep, though, and get to do things that I can't do on work days. After all, there's still things to do, like shopping and such.

I've just started my own holiday shopping a bit tonight, actually--mom and I went out earlier to get our wreath (and with it, one for my brother's house), and we decided to do a little browsing. Big Lots, for all their hype, just doesn't seem all that exciting--perhaps it's just the one here, but it didn't seem very big or have very much to see. It's the mall area, though, so anything's possible.

All the same, we went across town to our usual dollar store, and bought a nice big basketload of goodies. I bought a few things for Lynn and our new mutual friend, and a few things for the house--mom's determined to decorate the glass room this year, so there'll be a lot of sparkle going on out there.

The weather's not that great today, though, so we decided to head home after that. Next time we get a nice day, that's when we'll do more. Plus, we'll both be feeling more up to shopping, and we can just enjoy the day more.

Also, I have things to bake in the next day or so. Muffins and cookies and such, we have so much to use.

OSW, since last month was NaNo, is pretty quiet lately. We had a halloween party post started around the end of October, but it's still barely going and it hasn't really gone anywhere yet. Pretty soon, it'll be time for the holiday posts or something. Oh well, I guess it's the time of year.

I've been sorting things again, going through my books and all my accumulated stuff. It's rather silly, how much I have that I either don't read or haven't worn in ages--some stuff I probably don't even fit into anymore, I've gained so much weight. I'm determined to work that off, though, since I'm sick of it. I plan on getting some nice comfy workout pants and start burning this bulge.

As for the eating part of it...well, that might be harder. I do so love to eat...

Writing is stalled, for the most part. Haven't been able to add to the 'rewrite' since we still haven't been able to go do the arena visit, but oh well. I typed up most of it to share with some of the online fans (mostly Lan and Momo), and Lan loves the story so far. Hopefully Momo enjoys it as well.

I guess it's good to be back, and I suppose I should post more. Perhaps I just feel like I've been boring lately, and boring entries are no fun to write or to read, right?

So anyway, here's to hoping for some holiday peace this year. I think we need it, more than ever.

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