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Entry 582

A little over a month since last post, I suppose I should have something to update this with, right?

Well, I do...but it's not very upbeat and happy. It's my journal, though, so I guess my readers (if any stick around for this entry) will just have to deal. It's been a long month.

Work is just as it usually is, so that's not too much of the problem. I go in, do my job, and come home.

OSW is still going, a lot better now since we got through that rough patch.

On the outside, however, things aren't well with the tribe. Maybe it's just the time of year, the heat, the weather changes, or our emotions running haywire, but for whatever reason, we're not doing well.

I admit, I may be the worst part of it. I get a little too serious about things at times, and I probably try way too hard to be in charge. I know I have my own problems, and once I realize them, I'll try to work through them.

I've been snippy with Lynn lately--I'm sure I'm not the only one, either. I've told her before not to call every day (she claims she calls all her friends every day, which I also question), and that I would call her when I got a chance. It worked for a day or so, then she called again. I tried setting down guidelines (like I would call her on a certain day)...that worked for a while, but then she called to see if I'd called her or something.

I admit, it's been a rough weekend, since my hormones were in overdrive (being female royally sucks), so I think my emotions ran a bit too high as well. She just doesn't seem to listen sometimes, and I tried my best to get my message across. She seems to pick the worst times to call, when I'm in the middle of something or not at the house, hence my suggestion of me calling her instead.

She called earlier today, and like a fool, I picked up the phone. She seems to think we're all abandoning her--not surprising, given her family pretty much leaving her to her own devices at times growing up. She has issues stemming from that, hence her getting suggestions of therapy from people. We don't have the official documents to be therapists, so I really am sick of getting talked to like I am one. There's only so much "therapy" I can dispense before I practically need a therapist myself, you know?

I know I'm not without fault in this myself. Sure, I do say sometimes that I want us all to meet up, or I want to meet up with Raine as well--but honestly, who doesn't? Raine's hard to track down, so getting to spend time with her is a treat. Hanging out with Lynn is fun and all, but when I do it a lot...I want to change it up a bit and hang out with other friends as well.

(This being me, however, I really only have one other friend in town, and that's Raine. But anyway...)

One thing I had to learn way back, when I first entered the workforce, was that my days off wouldn't exactly line up with my friends, so there was a good chance of me not being able to hang out then. It's been four years (seriously, it seems like longer), and now I think it's Lynn who needs to remember that. I understand her being a social butterfly type who likes to talk (nowadays, anyway), since I have moments of that myself. Her problem, like mine back then, is that she's very hopeful and can't seem to entertain herself for very long. I only hope she can learn the lesson, like I did. She has plenty she can do by herself, and not just chores or games.

Plus, her entertaining herself more means less times with her annoying others, and less time of me having to play peacemaker. I'm a bit tired of always being the sensible patient one, after all.

Still, though, I try to keep up the image to make things go smoothly. I suppose I can work on myself again soon, but I felt I needed to scold myself in this entry to get it out.

Haven't focused on weight loss lately because I haven't cared lately. Will try again some other time.

Looking for new people who might want to join FDD and the muse community, as well as RPW. It's too quiet, guys, we need some fun revival stuff going on.

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