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Entry 581

Well, the previous entry went well enough, I suppose. I know, it probably wasn't the best way to go about it, but I do have my journal so I can express my feelings, so why not use it for its intended purpose?

Rain on and off today. At least we had lovely weather yesterday, so I went out and spent the day walking on the west side. I do mean walking--from here to the library, then around there and to do a light lunch, then uphill to a friend's house. We spent some time there, and then walked back downhill to Lynn's so I could get my ride. I was proud of myself for so much walking, and not eating very much. I didn't drink much soda, either--I had an iced tea and a juice, then a soda for the walk back to her place.

After some time of being rather bad with my eating habits since the entry before last, I weighed myself today when I got up. 182.8, the scale says. I made some soup for lunch and had a big glass of ice water. Am determined to not eat anything else until we do dinner--don't want to eat too much, that's been one of my big problems.

Dug my new jeans out of the drawer the other day, took the tags off and put them in the wash pile. My current ones are finally starting to wear in the indecent spots (like between the legs), so I decided it was time to start wearing the new ones. They're a size bigger than my current ones, but fit very well (if only a little bit longer in the legs). Thought about wearing my jean shorts I bought, but I need to stretch the waist a little more before they're really comfortable enough.

Part of me is thinking of taking a nap, but considering my sleep habits have been so disrupted lately, I fear it'd be a bad idea. I'll try to stay awake for a while longer, at least.

Tomorrow, we might run some errands. It all depends on the weather and how we're both feeling.

Hopefully, the weather is better for that, anyway.


(Seeing the 'finalists' for the governor elections really makes me nervous, having read up on both of them. I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable with the republican guy, but then, people are saying the democrat woman isn't good either. Perhaps this will come down to a lesser-of-two-evils vote. I'm so conflicted.)
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