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Entry 580

Before I begin this entry, I feel I should give some warnings. I know at least one of the referenced parties will probably see this, and if so, I mean no real harm but I must get this down before I explode.

Those of you who have kept up with my posts know I'm part of a game here on LJ, and have been since the game began. It's the first one I've ever been a part of, and for that, I'm rather proud to have been in it so long. I've made friends, my characters have made friends, and for the most part, things have gone pretty well.

Lately, however, things have been rather slow. I know one of the mods can only be online during the weekends, but then it seems like the game doesn't move even when she returns. The one main open post has been going for nearly three months now, and overall, the game seems to be in stasis until it ends. There are other plots waiting, but they hinge on the results of this current post.

For the meantime, the rest of us have tried making our own small posts, various backdated things and such, to keep ourselves active. However, there's only so much we can do before we run out, and when we run out, that leaves us open to being idled.

Three of us feel as though hanami is already over--I'm one of them. Two other members are considering quitting the game, because it just seems like it's stalled. Part of me is sure the mods are trying to do anything to keep it going, but the other part thinks they may be just wasting time and doing other things, to hell with the rest of us. Two and a half months is way more than any of the holidays posts have gone, and this one just doesn't seem like there's anything left to it.

I don't want to quit, I don't want to give up, and I don't want to idle. I don't want anyone else to quit. Right now, though, it seems like the game--the players included--is in danger of just falling apart or dying outright. Things just aren't looking well, and as a simple player, I'm not even sure what I can do.

I've gotten to be in a couple of the little posts, but some of them are for backdated things I'm not in, so I've basically been watching things. Getting into hanami is useless--I tried at first, but after that thread bombed, I just lost track and I don't really have interest in it. I'm discouraged, I admit.

If even the mods seem to be getting bored, does this mean the game is truly at an end? Maybe a change of command is in order, if they need a break. I'm sure there's others who would be up to taking modship, even on a temporary basis, if only to move things along.

We can't do anything until this post is over, because the end of it decides the timeline of the game and how other plots can progress. The waiting seems to be making us all anxious.

There's even talk of some of us making our own game in the future, if this one does fall apart. As much as that sounds like a good idea, I hope this one doesn't end anytime soon, just this one post that's almost holding the game hostage at this point.

I know, in the game's OOC community, there's a post for talking about problems to the mods--but that's only for the AIM chatroom, not the game itself. The main chat, lately, has been useless for game talk, because everyone uses it for socializing and the game is forgotten about through it all. Some of us, however, have bailed on it simply because it's so big and loud that some people can get forgotten and ignored. However, the chat isn't part of this tonight--this is about the game, and its fate.

I do fear that potential players could be looking at it and thinking we're clique-ish and that it's not worth it, which would chase people away. Things could need a change.

For now, though, I decided to use my journal as I created it for--to vent my thoughts, to get them out before my mind overloads and something bursts. If this makes me look bad, or gets me in trouble, I just wanted to get this out where people would actually see it.

I'm not angry. I just want things to move again, back in the right direction.


ETA: If anyone is aiming to comment, again, I would prefer to discuss ways to fix things, not a screaming bitchfest. I've gone through those before, and they aren't pleasant for anyone. Think before you post, please.
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