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Entry 579

Finally, after a couple days of awful humidity, the weather is going back to something nearly tolerable. At least we have wind today--that's cooling things off very well.

After months of being a coward, I decided to check the scale today, to see where I'm at. 184.6, it says. It's not as bad as I'd thought, but still, it's just not right for me. I have to fix it.

I hope to someday be back into at least a size 10, perhaps even an 8. I'll never be smaller--not with my body shape. I'll just start out slow.

Granted, it means a lot of change, but I can do that. Less eating for the hell of it (which, yes, means fewer dinners to just meet up, tribemates), more activity. Also, less soda and more ice water. I have to take this seriously.

Of course, that gives me material for my journal posts--I can keep track of things here, and my readers ( guys know who you are) can keep track as well. Support, cheer, scold, whatever you want to give for input, I'll be paying attention.

Too bad writing doesn't burn enough, I've been doing some of that lately. Maybe if I wish, RPW will pick up at some point, now that summer is coming. Oh well.

Anyway, this is just to get things rolling again. I must get on this before it can get any worse.

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