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Entry 578 - Untitled Document

A windy day, made even more annoying by the dust kicked up from fresh digging out back.

Sadly, this entry may not be the happy, bouncy one mentioned last time. Things are going pretty iffy again, and I feel I must vent. I'm sure people will probably see this, but there's not really any offense meant. If there was, I'd warn for it.

So as Raine said in her entry, she got her birthday party on Saturday--complete with her princess cake and many dorky moments. I went, and I can agree that the cake was awesome. I wonder if she still has leftovers.

Yes, there was a little drama, but it was to be expected. I admit, I feel rather guilty--I may not have been the major cause of drama, maybe not even part of it, but if I added any problems, I do apologize. Overall, though, things seemed to go pretty well.

Since Raine has finals coming up, we girls talked about having a major party for her after things settled back down again, to really enjoy her free time (if she gets any) and the stress levels returning to somewhere near normal. Simce it'll be her party (and she'd be driving), she gets to choose where we go, and since she's mentioned minigolf, we may be making an out-of-town trip~ :)

In the meantime, she fights her way to the end of the semester, while I try to keep Lynn distracted from possibly bothering her. Hopefully she realizes how important this is, and doesn't try her usual "dropping in to say hello" moves. If she does, though, I'm sure Raine will set her straight...

As for me? Well, I'm getting work done, as usual. Still a rather quiet part of the year, but things are still going well enough. Mom's orientation is coming up, so she's excited about that. If I'm not working, I've been either doing stuff around the house (gotta learn some things really well so I can be decent backup) or trying to write, or just relaxing and playing some games.

Speaking of games, this brings me to the real meat of the post. Things have slowed down in OSW--I don't know if it's because of the time of year or what, but it just seems that things are dragging on. Big event posts (like hanami, a usual big group mingling event) have stalled, or have been neglected. The few posts still going are individual posts, or invite-only ones, which leaves many players waiting for something. Hanami is a big one, as everyone has at least one character in it.

I did throw a character in, but it's been over a week and nobody's posted to it. I admit, I do seem like perhaps I'm not interesting enough to play with--not always, but at times like this, it makes me feel like my playing is not as good as anyone else. I feel like a newbie all over again.

Sure, people could probably tell me "just start your own post" or "try jumping in with someone" or something, but that's rather hard to do with no ideas, no other open posts (again, the active ones are private ones and hanami), and everyone else rather busy. I do feel like I probably waited too long to post my thread in there, but I at least posted something. I was even asked by one mod if I planned to throw someone in, and I told her I already did--that thread. People know it's there, but still nothing.

I've waited for over a week, and now I'm wondering if I should just delete it. Maybe it's not good enough, or I didn't leave an opening. I don't know, but part of me just wonders why I bothered.

Add that to the fact my writing is stalled again, and RPW's "reawakening" post has no replies...yeah. I do feel very discouraged, and I wonder if maybe I'm just not that interesting. I'm not expecting sympathy comments, or pity, or anything at all, this is just me getting things out again.

For now, I think I'll go muse for a while. Getting this posted helps, anyway, no matter who sees it. I don't feel like I have much to hide anymore.

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