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Entry 577

Okay, it's been a while (...again) since last post, but I actually have material to post now. Again, the previous one was basically during a low moment, so I can keep track of myself. Maybe if I do that, I can try and better myself over time.

Or something like that, anyway.

So it's finally spring--I know, it was officially spring when I last updated, but the weather is finally springlike now. The flowers are blooming (or close to it), the weeds are starting to grow, and the weather's getting warmer. I can actually spend time outside walking without getting too cold.

I have my window wide open right now, trying to cool things off upstairs. Since I have the screen back in, I can fully enjoy my seat by the window, just as I'd hoped when I bought the chair. Having that space useful again definitely makes my room look a little more grown-up.

Writing...well, it's going, anyway. Need to run the recent bits by Raine sometime (later tonight, I think, unless something comes up, because I have books to lend her for a project) and then see if I can go further with it. Finally made it to the brawl core section, we're all pretty excited. :)

(Yes, we are nerds. Are you really surprised, especially from all my writing?)

The problem with my writing, however, is that if I'm not working on the 'rewrite' and still crave working on something, I can never seem to come up with ideas. I have a bunch of empty notebooks stashed in one of my bookcases, and so far, no ideas to fill them with.

This, of course, inspired something tonight--the revival of my community, Red Pen Writers. I browsed back through it a bit tonight, and the last post in there was last year, on 06 June. We still have 12 members, including me (and not counting the two deleted journals it's still counting as members), so I figured "eh, why not" and made a modpost.

If anyone has suggestions for challenges, or prompts, or just something original (or mostly-original, as I allow OSW stuff) to post, feel free to come join us--and if you're already a member, please come give me directions. I'd hate to see it fall into idleness again.

At this point, we could probably do a "fandom" challenge if people wanted to, I'd be up for pretty much anything. I'm really craving writing, and I told the members they get to give me orders this time.

Join the party here (at redpenwriters on LJ) and read the stuff people have posted, or add your own. Concrit has been slow lately, but our members are pretty good at it. No worries about flaming here, we give our concrit without the stupidity that may come from other sites. It's even our motto!

In the meantime, I should try and write something I can post there that isn't a mod update. I doubt the 'rewrite' would work (besides, I doubt it'd be interesting enough), but maybe if ideas come in...


(This has been mostly an update to explain my community, I know. Expect the real updates to come at a later date, once things settle back down. They will come, too, I mean it.)
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