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Entry 575 - Spring Cleaning

Light wind and bright sunlight, with clear blue skies. It feels like spring today. :)

So, what does one do on a lovely day like this?

I clean, in full force. It all started with my haircut--back to what mom and I call my "80s girl rocker hair" because it's nice and short, kinda layered. A nice, breezy hairstyle for the changing season.

I looked at my room, wanting to open a window--no screen in my usual one yet (mom said she'd see about getting it put back in), so I thought about my other one. It was all dusty, so I decided to clean that up.

There's bugs inside the screen, so I won't open it. Opened mom's bedroom window for now, to air out the upstairs. Took my duster wand outside to shake it off, plan to take my curtainrod outside next to shake the dust free and catch some of that nice air.

Cleaned the vanity and mirror in the upstairs bathroom a little bit ago, and sprayed some air freshener. Will need to buy a new can soon, that one's rather low.

Lynn turns 22 today, so Raine is taking her for a day on the town, as their tradition goes. I had Lynn over last night, for some gaming and snacks. Raine's birthday is next month (04/26), so we talked about gifts for her. Not telling, though, in case she reads this.

(Oh yes, and pokeymans coming soon. 03/14, white day, I will finish paying it off.)

Right now, I'm having some lunch before I continue my cleaning spree. I've been rather lacking in my room--I have dust collected on things all over, and it's not all from being sealed in over the winter.

We refilled medication orders this morning, will go to fetch pills later tonight.

Been enjoying my chair, and I'm looking forward to having the screen back in so I can open it. Some fresh air in here will definitely clear out the stuffy feelings left over from winter.

Maybe I'll write later, but for now, it's time to clean. :) I'll try and bring some peace to this room by clearing away the clutter.

At least it'll make things look better, anyway.

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