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Entry 574

Bare ground like spring, but strong wind and a chill like the middle of winter. I don't think the weather can make up its mind lately--I'm sure the workers out back are probably not enjoying it.

Been enjoying my chair, though I think my window may have a draft. At least that corner is warmed up when the heater comes on, that makes it a little better. I can always bring a blanket out if I get too cold. The chair was definitely worth it, and every day, I try to sit and enjoy it.

Ran a few errands today, mailing things and picking up some supplies. Planning on taking a nice hot shower tonight to warm up, perhaps get a haircut tomorrow. It depends on how things go, I think.

Raine says she's on spring break this week and next week, but I've barely gotten to talk to her when I've seen her online. I'm trying not to be offended or anything, but I do feel rather confused--mostly wondering if I'm being ignored or if she's just away without her message up. It's like a puzzle to me.

Lynn returned her borrowed car, and is walking and using the bus again. It was nice while it lasted, I suppose, but I'm proud that she thought it over and decided to put her money towards other things. There can always be a possible car in the future, something in better condition even.

As for me lately, been working one or two days a week--slow time of year, we're starting to get spring and summer stuff in little by little, and the heavy winter things are going clearance. Lots of shoes--dress boots with such long boxes!--and clothing that's certainly not right for the current weather...though I'm sure people are ready to escape to warmer places until it gets there. Spring will come soon, once winter's blown itself out, I'm sure of it.

In the meantime, we continue to bundle up against cold...but I think my boots may be able to go back in the closet, unless we get a new cover of snow. Bare ground is rather nice to see, even if it's more brown than green now.

Bare ground also means that I can walk more. Hard to enjoy a good walk when one has to slog through mud and slush to get anywhere, right? Now all we need are some warmer days, and more sunshine...

Oh well, I suppose I'll turn some music on and go read for a bit. Anything to drown out the sound of the wind howling outside, it's rather unsettling at times.

Part of me wonders if the wishes for peace will come true, I know of a few people who could use some peace right about now.


(I also hope that Raine contacts me at some point, since I have more questions to ask her about writing things and it's rather hard to catch her lately, since her schedule is so odd.)
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