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Entry 573 - Spring Pink

Today's weather was incredibly nice for this time of year--I do think we may be enjoying the calm before a storm, but I like it all the same. Lots of bare ground means better walking conditions.

So for those of you who saw my last post about the chair, I have updates. Lynn came by today, and before I headed out, mom finally said that I could get myself the chair--my money, my room, as she said. After going to get some money out for that, Lynn and I set off to the charity shop to go pick up my chair.

My thoughts from last entry were true, though, as it appears someone else found that chair too lovely to pass up. I do hope whoever got it enjoys it as much as I wanted to.

At first, I wasn't really thinking I'd find anything as good there, that I might come home empty-handed after all of that. I checked the furniture room again, just to make sure, and I saw another chair.

It was a light pink, a little more expensive (19 bucks), and the fabric on the arms was worn a little bit, but I sat down anyway. It was as comfortable as the floral one, maybe even more. I called Lynn over so she could try it.

Want to know the ending? That same chair, that worn little pink one, is now neatly tucked in the corner of my room, next to my window, with a couple of new books and my cute new Cinnamoroll plush on it. Taking the cushion out and taking the legs off, we managed to transport it home in the trunk of Lynn's car, and the dollhouse has been moved into mom's room temporarily. I'm happy to have my room coming along more and more, and this was a big step.

Next, however, we have to make room for the armoire to be moved so I can get a nice big bookcase in place of it. Want to make good use of my new reading corner, after all!

Both Lynn and Raine will agree, after I bought the chair I couldn't help but cheer--I think I repeated "I has chair" a dozen times at least. It really is a darling little chair, and so comfy. I can easily come up with a way to either fix the worn arm fabric or cover it, though I like the chair color too much to cover it all.

It's rather odd to not have the dollhouse in here, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. I think it'll make it better for me when the time comes to part with it--that's the main reason I wanted the chair in the first place, to turn that corner into something a little more grown-up and useful, and I couldn't do that with the dollhouse there. Mom was the one who suggested moving the dollhouse into her room for the time being, and I think it works better this way.

Plus, that corner is perfect for my new reading chair--I still have the tote of books with all the stacks on it within easy reach, so I might not even need to get up much at all! :)

(It'll also double as a gaming chair, I think. Nice cozy corner with my window offering a good light.)

Best part, as I discovered upon arriving home later, the chair doesn't block my nightlight, so it's really perfect for that corner. I still have a few things to sort and get rid of, but I'm working my way along at a pretty good pace. I'm happy to finally have a nice comfy chair to sit in and relax, so I don't have to be either in my computer chair or in my bed. Plus, I now have a seat at my window for nice days--a plus!

On another note, a third lot has been dug and started today--I saw it when I got up and checked outside the bathroom window. This one's further up from us, closer to the road entrance. There's not much we can do except watch--I think we're all wondering where the other two sold lots will be.

I still hope nobody's claimed the lots directly behind us (lots 19, 20, and 21), because that would mean the apple trees getting torn down, and it was hard enough losing the other two trees early on.

Peace, I must keep hoping for peace...but it's rather hard when there's so much upheaval going on around us. Part of me wishes for rain, or perhaps a nice heavy snowfall, maybe with some ice.

They can't dig and pour cement if the weather is awful, can they?


(A note: perhaps I should start listening to music for my entries again, I'm sure my readers are bored and there's only so many ways I can mention my tv...)
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