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Entry 572 - Early Spring?

Cloudy today, but cleared up enough for a rather nice sunset. Windy enough to keep it a bit cold.

We have bare patches of ground all over the yard, where the snow's melted away. It's rather odd to see--this month is usually when we get dumped on, and here we've been getting nice days for quite a stretch. I haven't needed to wear my boots in a few weeks, as the pavement is clear enough.

Sadly, this means that work can be done out back, and things have started in full force. Two lots are being prepped for building now, and from the rumors we get, five lots have been sold (though the sign-board hasn't been updated, at the end of that road).

On a whim the other day, I used that road as a shortcut to the sidewalk--it's good for that, at least, and I went to the store and back. A few days later, I went to the salvation army store to browse, using the same route. Came home with five books, a puzzle, and three shirts.

What really made the trip memorable, though, was something I didn't buy, only saw.

The first section I browsed when I entered the store, as I have lately, was the furniture section. There's usually quite a selection, various tables and chairs and couches. I didn't expect to find anything really interesting.

I was wrong, however, because I found one chair that I just can't put out of my mind. It's even been a couple of days since I went, and I'm still talking about it. It's a darling little floral armchair with a soft cushion, and I just keep thinking about how well it'd go with my room.

Not even very expensive, either. Maybe 15 bucks at most, and in pretty good condition. I even sat in it, and it's very comfortable. I've nearly driven mom crazy at this point just talking about it.

My problem is that I currently have no room for it, with my bedroom layout as it is right now. Maybe when we get the dollhouse out and some things moved around, I can put it by my window, but that could take a while.

Mom says that when we get my room adjusted, we can probably get a chair like it, but that's if I can find one that well-priced. I wonder how long that little one will be at the store, or if someone will snap it up quickly. If I don't get it, I hope it goes to a good home.

With the weather getting nice, once we put my screen back in, I'll be able to open my window to air my room out a bit. Being closed up all winter usually makes it stuffy, but without the screen I can't open the window yet. Once the next nice day comes up, perhaps we can make it happen.

Sorted clothing and such today. Several shirts, a pair of pants, and two dresses went into the yardsale box (or on top of it), followed by a few skirts. Tomorrow, Lynn can come by and paw through the shirts as usual, though the skirts and pants are definitely too small for both of us.

Haven't done much writing lately, and OSW is pretty quiet with major plot stuff. I guess it's the time of year, we're all in varying states of 'busy' and all. I do what I can, and keep myself distracted with other stuff during boring periods. My room is starting to come along pretty well.

Though, yes, I'm still wishing for that chair. It really is darling, and so cheap...

I suppose I should end this now, as dinner will be ready soon. Still wishing for peace, but I fear we may not get it for a while, at least. I just have to keep hoping.

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