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Entry 571 - Winter Amusements

Woke to snow. Apparently it was bad enough out for places to cancel school, my city included. It seems to have picked up again, and I've seen the occasional snowplow out working. We're on a dead-end street, though, even with the circle...we're usually not high-priority for clearing. That's fine, though, we have nowhere to go today.

This means I'm currently inside, as I have been all week, watching the snow fall for the second day in a row. It's actually rather peaceful, very quiet except for the sounds of any vehicles outside.

The issues mentioned last entry are being worked on, though slowly.

Also, I've seen the senshi dress-up doll maker threading its way around LJ. In fact, the mods of OSW linked us to it so we could play with it, for our own characters. I've made dolls for two of mine--not exactly as I'd imagined them, but as close as I could get. The third one may not be possible, but that's okay.

Happily, it means I finally have an icon for Meredith (coffeesenshi) and it turned out rather well. Hers turned out rather well, for being the basic version. Couldn't do her wild hair or mismatched eyes, so I adjusted where I could. Her hair's mostly pink anyway, so it works. Plus, even without her usual braid, I could do her alternate hair with the cute buns. Hearts are so in.

For fun last night, I think Raine and I spent a few hours playing with it and making various styles. We have the princess trio in senshi form (courtesy of my boredom and Raine's awesome take on the star princess), ourselves in senshi form (...I did say we were bored, right?) and some random things we came up with simply because we could. New icons have turned up in OSW, and it's all thanks to this lovely little game.

Perhaps it will spark my imagination again, so I can do some writing. Then again, I'm trying to keep up with the game as well, and I've chatted with Momo about ideas. However, she's waiting on a third character she's apped--it may take some time, with everything going on. I hope she gets it, though, the character sounds really nifty from what she's told me. :)

I suppose I should think about making some food, all I've eaten today was a muffin.

Still wishing for peace and new beginnings in this year of 2010.

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