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Entry 570 - Further Thoughts

It seems with each passing day, more stress occurs--I'm not being called as mediator, which helps, but things seem to be falling apart.

Tonight honestly seemed like it would be well enough. I ran errands with mom, did some running around with Lynn, and she would be going to the movies with Raine later that night. Not a problem, I didn't mind at all (especially since it's a movie for a series I don't care for).

Before she headed to drop me off at home, we stopped so she could call Raine and check on their plans for the night. Raine said she was tired and not feeling well--it happens, she did work today and all. Lynn sounded like someone canceled the holiday to me, but apparently later they worked things out and rescheduled.

It makes me wonder how many times this might happen, though.

I admit, though, hearing about it made me think. Lynn says that Raine spends more time with her other friends than with us--which I don't think is true, but it might seem that way. She just stays very busy, and she gets her fun times in when she can. She has scheduled events with other people--it just means we have to wait our turn.

Thinking about the week ahead and everything Raine has set, though, I wonder when my turn might come up. She has plans tomorrow, and classes the next day. Wednesday is the rescheduled movie night with Lynn, and the next day is classes again. The weekends always mean work, so...I guess I wait long, which I'm fine with.

I suppose I do get sick of waiting sometimes, and I probably sound rather pathetic here, but I just get excited about doing anything fun. We planned for a group meeting last week, which got canceled due to the events in the previous entry. There was talk of rescheduling it for another night, and that ended up being canceled as well due to other things happening. The last time our group actually met was...well, the day after Christmas, actually. We met for a few hours before I had the overnight work shift, and the girls even dropped me off.

(I have since gotten my holiday goodies home, thanks to Raine dropping them off the other night.)

Part of me feels like I'm not very exciting at times--it's used as a joke sometimes, but now it just feels like reality. At least I have here to record my thoughts, no matter who sees. I'm not trying to sound like a brat or anything, but I've been doing some thinking.

Now that this has been typed, anyway, I think I feel a little better. I just hope things can change for the better in this, the new year of 2010.

Tomorrow, I help clean the house, and I think I'll work on my room some more. If we ever actually get to remodel this place a bit, I should be ready. Besides, there's probably more sorting I can do.

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