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Entry 569

So much for my wish of peace, it seems. Second week of the year and already we have problems. I'm aware the parties involved will see this, but I really need a place to rant about this. Bear with me.

I mean no harm, either. This is just me blowing off some steam before I explode.

Plans were made for the trio to meet this week--originally it was to be yesterday, but Raine didn't get home until late and we aimed for the next day (that being today) instead. That didn't seem to be a problem.

Until now.

It is about 6 at night currently, and I'm still at home waiting to see how things go. Raine had said she needed to run errands early in the day--no big deal, still a good chance of meeting up.

About 4-ish, got a call from Lynn, asking if I'd heard anything. Nope. Neither did she. It was still early, we could wait a little longer.

A little bit ago, I get a message from Lynn--apparently while she was out running a last-minute errand, she took a usual shortcut and discovered that Raine was visiting an old friend, and Lynn was upset. I don't know if it was because she thought we were getting bailed on (it's possible) or if she was just annoyed, but she called Raine and things hit the proverbial fan.

I heard all of this secondhand from both parties, so I'm not exactly sure what was said, but Lynn thinks it really is all her fault we may not be getting together tonight, and Raine's very upset about Lynn freaking out at her. Either way, it's now after six and I'm not seeing a bright spot on the horizon.

Raine is currently online with her away message up--it reads "...not talking" and I'm not surprised. Lynn's last call to me had her in tears, saying she was going out to take a long walk.

I usually wind up as mediator by default, and I think people can see why. Is it any surprise that when we did the alignments, I wound up as the bearer of wisdom?

I guess I'll still wait and see how things go, but first, I need to eat. I've waited all day.

Dear Nayru, give me the strength to get through this drama.


(Again, not taking sides or anything. Just getting this out.)

ETA: As of now (7:12), apparently things are made up and we're aiming for Wednesday. We'll see how that goes--after all, something could come up again.
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