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Stories, stories, and more stories....*sigh*

Yes, that's the title. I have about 5 bazillion stories all going at once, not counting the few I've ever finished or the ones I haven't even started yet. This being one reason why I need that story session with Kelly so badly. Plus, she won't stop whining about her notebook until I give it to her, and the longer we wait, the longer it sits here, gathering dust.

We're going to be doing infomercials in health class. That is just so wrong I can't believe it, but it's something we have to do, so oh well.

We finished the play in english early today, and we watched part of the movie. It was more funny than sad, but I was daydreaming through most of it anyway.

It's supposed to snow this weekend, so I'm happy. I'm now sitting in my chair, wearing my favorite outfit. This outfit is the exact same one for my character, Dawn, in my story. I'm happy. ^_^

Jeff posted something new on, if anyone wants to see it. I have not yet seen it, but he told me a bit about it during study hall. Yeah, we can talk in the 9-10 study hall. ^_^

I'm bored now. Maria just logged off and hasn't come back yet. I hope Kelly and I can get together tomorrow or Sunday, even. I need to do this before I go crazy. I'm in the middle of a major writer's block.

Well, just wanted to give you some more insight into the life of me. Hope you had a good day, all of you people out there in LJ-land. Niters, all...sleep well and have dreams. Laters, all!

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