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Entry 568 - Peace 2010

Two hours into the new year as I write this, I've logged off of AIM for the night since the rest of the OSW chat gang has gone to bed, and I'm settled down from midnight. I'm rather bummed that plans didn't work out--if we even had plans, which I think we passed the idea around but it didn't go anywhere.

I know it's been a while since my last entry, but a lot has gone on. The tree was put up and fully decorated with time to spare, we still have our beautiful wreath on the door, and the holiday went well. I managed to finish off my shopping with the help of my tribemates (who can both drive, and have access to vehicles, so that definitely worked out well), and everyone liked what they got from me this year.

My gifts were all wonderful--several books, including a strategy guide I've been wanting and the Good Eats book I've longed for, and several historical fiction journals. I got my own copy of a game I've borrowed from Raine before (and was able to give her back her copy), a set of dolls I absolutely love (a trio of Kelly dolls dressed as the original trio from the Charlie's Angels tv series), and my very own apron decorated with little daisy flowers.

So I'm a nerd. Those of you who know me should be aware of this already. :)

As for the tribe gift exchange, we did that on Boxing Day, which almost didn't work out because I had my overnight shift then, but Raine offered to drive me to work. We did food and gifts, played a few games (I must say, I think I'm getting the hang of the brawl stuff, but I still need practice), and I left my goodies in her room so I could travel light.

The bags are still there, too. I haven't had a chance to go fetch them yet, with all of us so busy. Perhaps this week I can drop by, or have her drop them off. I must make good on my promise of cake, after all!

(No, the cake is not a lie. At least, the one I plan to give them isn't...yet.)

Once I get my things from Raine's house (and give her back her guides, except one or two I'm still working with), I'll finish off the gift details. I still have trouble remembering what I got from them, I was so focused on them enjoying their gifts so much.

So, when midnight hit, what was I doing? I waited a couple minutes, went downstairs to the glass room where mom was, and cried at her for a bit. We talked, I eventually calmed down enough, and a half-hour later, we came upstairs together and she went to bed. I've spent some time cleaning my room a little, and my bed is now cleared off again and made...again. Until the next time I clutter it with books and such, anyway.

Bought my new calendar and datebook for the year the other day, since I find it easier to keep track of my work schedule with both. I managed to find the witch datebooks again at the calendar shop in the mall, and found a wall calendar to match this year. Lovely little details and stuff, that's why I love the datebooks.

That, and the books are big enough for my schedules and small enough to fit in my work purse.

It's taken me a half hour to write this entry so far, and it's not over yet. I suppose being quiet for so long gives me a lot more material to work with. Perhaps this means I'll be able to start writing again.

Around here, we don't really do the whole "new year's resolutions" bit. Sure, we make comments about things we'll do to change other things--like losing weight or taking over chores, ways to make the household run better or whatever. Mom says her wish for each year is the same, for peace in the new year.

Hence the title of this entry. There's so much that happened in 2009, some good and some bad. We had the usual and the unusual, the old and the new, the changed and the unchanging. After all was said and done, though, we stood at the end and welcomed the new year together.

There was a candle lit in the glass room when she and I were in there talking, and before we headed back inside, she asked if I wanted to make a wish and blow it out. I did, and joined her in the kitchen.

Before we went upstairs, I offered to tell her what my wish was, and told her that it matched hers.

So to all of you out there, I offer this wish to you as well.

Peace in 2010.

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