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Entry 567 - Winter Weather

Snow. Real snow, official winter storm nor-easter. First snow day of the year, too.

After a few months of waiting, the last AC window units were removed this morning. Sadly, with mine out and the window officially closed, my room feels colder now. Oh well.

Getting that last entry out has helped, and thanks go to anyone who's sent their thoughts to us. I only wish there was more I could do to repay you all.

Wrote a bit more on the 'rewrite' last night, though it's not much. I'll be happy when Raine gets to catch up again, I'm sure I've gone quite a bit since her last read-through.

Our tree is up in the glass room again this year, only on the other side. Mostly decorated now--still needs our box of ornaments. If the weather works out on Saturday, I'm determined to go do my official shopping.

Two more days of work this week, both volunteer shifts. At least it wasn't today.

We'll have a good meal tonight for sure--mom brought out the slow-cooker and we're having some beef and gravy. Nice hot comfort food on a cold winter night...that's definitely something to look forward to.

For now, I'll sit and watch the snow fall. It's very quiet, and I like that. It's peaceful.

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