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Entry 566 - Winter Arrives

Clear and cold today, and we still have our snow from Saturday night. Winter is officially here, I think.

We bought our wreath today, and as usual, bought one for my brother's house. We'll put the tree up soon, probably over the weekend or something.

It's rather hard to get into the spirit this year, but I think my working is helping me out. All the music and lights on the sales floor, and the huge decorated trees in the seasonal section? It's definitely festive.

(The towers of gifts and candy might help, too. So much chocolate.)

Was only supposed to work two days this week (Sunday and Thursday). Asked yesterday if I wanted to switch my Thursday shift to Tuesday, I accepted. Work Monday as well? Sure can.

Today, was asked about volunteering for Thursday (as we had a last-minute truck then) and Friday--I accepted again. What was only ten hours this week is now 25. Extra money definitely helps.

All is not completely joyful here, though. Close friends and family here already know, but I suppose it's now time to share with the ones online, especially since it explains why I've been a bit more quiet than usual online.

A few weeks ago, at least, we started seeing a sore spot on my cat's face. At first, we thought she had just scratched herself and we waited to see if it would heal. It didn't.

Thursday night, mom declared she would take the cat to the vet the next morning. I spent most of that night and the next morning awake, since I kept checking on the cat and I was too upset to sleep. I was awake when she tried to get the cat in the carrier to take her out there, and my brother was trying to help.

They abandoned the carrier idea and just set her on a towel in the back of the car--that worked.

As most can probably expect, this story doesn't have a happy ending. Mom relayed the events to us when she got home--apparently the cat was sick, probably had been for some time, and there was nothing they could do to help. Mom was there when they let her go, and she told us everything when she got home.

I called into work that day, since I hadn't gotten much sleep and I was just too broken to focus.

In the mail today, we got a card from the vet clinic--rather heartwarming, in a "we know this is hard, we understand she was family and we wish you well" sort of style. I think it helped.

I did go to work on Saturday, and I'm happy to be back on morning shift. If it gets me more hours, I'll take any shifts I can.

So if I've been trying anyone's patience, I apologize, but I'm still getting used to being without my cat. Entire routines have been thrown off, and we're readjusting as fast as we can.

Mom made a facebook account, and she and my brothers wrote little tributes for her. I figured this is mine right here. I grew up with her--I figure now she's getting a chance to bother my dad again.

(That, or she's sneaking drinks out of the fountain of dreams while waiting for her next assignment, I wouldn't put it past her.)

I promise the next entry (whenever that is) will be a little more upbeat...if possible.

Just give me some time.

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