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Entry 565 - Early Morning

Rain. Day before the holiday, and it's raining, Is this a good sign or a bad one?

Worked an ad-set shift, so just got home a few minutes ago. Luckily, am not working today. Sleeping in if possible, and have a few last minute things to pick up from the grocery store with mom later.

However, I'm not quite tired yet, so I decided to write this and perhaps work some more on the stories I have going. I'm finally getting further in the 'rewrite' after a long break--on our way to the next copy core.

(The 'revamp' is stalled for a while, I'm sad to say. I still need some ideas for that.)

I think I finally have a plan in mind for the rest of the 'rewrite' plot, though I may edit some things. I still have copy core ideas, though I may not use all of them, and the grand finale is pretty much planned out. I may actually get it finished...someday! :)

Currently at 114 pages, on chapter 19. Sure, it's a wide-ruled composition book, but it's still progress to me. Plus, this notebook will soon be full, and my backup one is college-ruled. There may even be space for an epilogue, if I want to make one.

I plan to use my free time this week to catch up on my writing, and maybe do some reading as well--I have so many books that I don't think I've even read most of them. I just keep collecting more.

Maybe I'll go through them again soon.

There's more I want to think about, to add here, but perhaps that's best left to another entry. I still need to sleep, after all, and if I want to get any writing done before bed, I should do it soon.

A happy (and hopefully safe) upcoming holiday weekend to all of you. If you get to stay home on Black Friday, sleep in and enjoy it--I certainly plan to. My first one off since I started working, and I'm definitely happy to stay home and relax. :)

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