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Entry 564 - Further Updates

Fair weather with very little wind.

Ground work continues out back--they had to take down the maple in the field behind our house, but the apple trees still remain. When they first started, they took the pine I used to climb in, but when it got too sticky with pitch, I gave up on it. Now the maple has joined it.

I'm still happy to have the apple trees out back.

One more day of work this week, then Saturday off (perhaps meeting with Raine?) and then more work. Have Wednesday through Friday off, work Saturday night, and get to sleep in on Sunday morning. We're officially into the holiday season, and it's definitely obvious in the stores.

After all, the music and lights are the major part of it, and those are very obvious, aren't they?

Raine's new laptop display has arrived, thanks to my brother. I'll try to track her down tonight and see if she can drop her laptop by on Friday morning before work. The sooner it gets here, the sooner it gets fixed and she can resume her usual programs on it. :)

I believe I've gotten used to the sounds of the blasting. It still sets me on edge overall, but I've gotten used to hearing it--and watching it, really, since I come downstairs when it's ready to occur. It makes me feel a little better, since being upstairs makes me miss the warning signals.

(I still feel a sense of wanting to escape sometimes, though. My poor nerves.)

Not much writing recently--I've been so busy with work that I just want to sleep afterwards, but with all the stuff going on out back I can barely get comfortable. Perhaps over the weekend or during my days off coming up, I can relax and catch up on things.

(I fear I've idled on OSW, but there's not much I've been able to do there lately. I must try to come up with something to post. I'll try to track Lan and Momo down later, if possible.)

So now I post this, have something to eat, and try to relax. Maybe I'll be tired enough to just sleep.

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