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Entry 562

Again, no real title. Permit me, if you will, a rant. Those who would rather not pay attention, you're free to leave. Nobody is forcing you to read this.

I stayed up until after midnight last night, watching the results of the voting online. Had to work today, so I was just going to watch a little longer and then go shower and sleep.

When I went to bed, question one was over 50% yes, and each time I refreshed the page, it kept getting higher. I eventually closed the page and went to finish up my routine for bed.

I woke this morning and learned the full outcome--the state has spoken, yes. I admit, I'm unhappy with the results, though I'm consoled by the fact it was very close.

A few counties voted majority no, and my city proudly had a majority no vote as well.

As expected, the vote results became a hot topic at work, though we had little time to discuss things with everything going on. I can only imagine what other people are talking about today--teachers, students, parents, anyone.

When I came home, I sat and read some of the comments from the BDN's article (that would be my city newspaper, where the results were being posted last night). The yes side seems to be very happy with the results, even to the point of telling the no voters that if they don't like it, they can move away.

I finished reading that, and came up to my computer to check LJ, as I usually do. I saw one new entry relevant to the subject, and that was Raine's entry from early this morning. I left her a comment--it was a very well-written entry, and I believe it's open for public viewing, so those of you who are curious, I suggest going to her journal (at fallenrainwater or through my friendspage) and reading her thoughts on the subject.

Though the vote is over, the battle will continue. I'm sure of it.

In other news, there's been digging out back as part of the developer's site prep. I'm still annoyed about that, but there's nothing we can do besides watch...and maybe pray for a storm.

The saying goes that bad things come in a set of three. The developers won, the yes side won, what's next?

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