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Entry 561

Don't really have a title for this one. I think my creativity is on break again, I'm not feeling up to it tonight. Oh well.

Four weeks since past entry, and not much to update with. Work goes like usual, OSW goes on like usual.

Life's a little stressed here lately--I'll leave that with my brother's journal.

Past couple days, I think the stress caught up to me. I called into work yesterday morning, woke up with an awful headache and didn't really feel up to being awake. Not a good idea to go work when there's a risk of puking on things, right?

Determined to be in for Saturday, though. Four hours, shouldn't be a problem even if my body decided today to remind me that I'm female. Eh, it's been waiting for a while anyway. Could do without the cramps, though, that's always the worst part.

I admit, though, I've popped off at Lynn the past couple times I've talked to her, and I guess I'm just stressed out by her problems. I understand her going out with Raine to use the computers with no time limits, she's filling out job applications, but even with all of that she still doesn't have a job. She's getting to spend time with Raine during the free points, and I guess my old jealousy is acting up again.

Lynn's said she wishes we all could meet up more. I know it's not possible, but in reality, I really want to spend time with Raine. Sure, it's great to spend time with anyone, and it's great that Lynn has free time, but I miss Raine and I barely even get to talk to her.

Again, though, I admit my old jealousy might be coloring this for me. Maybe it's that and the hormones, I'm not sure. At least I'm getting it out, though. If they read this and want to rant, they can leave a comment.

In the meantime, I keep up my advil and soda, watch some tv, and spend time online--as usual, pretty much.

Maybe the next entry will have something good to update with.


(Oh, and if anyone asks? The developers got their final approval. Bitchcakes.)
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